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Our MLM leads are all 100% Opt In. The MLM leads we provide have expressed a high interest in MLM business opportunities by visiting our MLM Directory site and and shown a strong desire to participate in an MLM or other home based business. They are internet savvy, use online resources, and are waiting to respond to the right offer - make it yours!

MLM leads are listed by how recently they requested information, geographic location (if provided), and specific company they are interested in where provied. All MLM leads have opted-in to receive offers and information on Multi-Level Marketing opportunities.

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MLM Leads - 100% Exclusive

Our Select MLM Leads come with guaranteed exclusivity. After your MLM marketing message is forwarded to the MLM Lead, no one else will contact this lead for a minimum of two weeks. Period. If the MLM Lead does not respond to three marketing contacts, they are removed from our SafeLeads database. This guarantees the opt-in subscriber is not bombarded with similar offers. Your chances of making a sale are much better if your MLM message is the only one in their In-Box.

We allow the prospect the opportunity to consider your offer before they see any other marketing info. And if they are non responsive, we drop them completely from our database. The MLM leads will never be spammed or receive any more than three contacts from us about home based business opportunities.

Because our MLM leads are opt-in, have requested MLM business info, and are waiting to see the right program, our response rates are far, far higher than any results from blanket email campaigns that target dead lists from defunct companies. Our goal is to bring credible, profitable MLM business information to MLM leads seeking that information - while providing the best MLM leads network on the internet for our clients wishing to forward that MLM marketing information to these MLM leads. We give you the opportunity to send your message including your Website URL, email address and company information without violating any Web Hosting or ISP agreement. Our SafeLeads program is the safest, fairest, and most trustworthy way for honest marketers to reach interested MLM leads who do not want to be spammed, or added to MLM Lead spam lists in the future.


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